Serve and be served
Grow in your faith
Be Challenged
Love More

MARCH 17-23rd, 2019

Registration due date: January 14th, 2019

COST = $375.00

We offer these trips as a response to Jesus' call to serve and be served by others.
Our trips attempt to go beyond service and offer experiences that challenge us in how we live out our faith.

We are asking you to go beyond your comfort zone and engage the world in a new way. We hope these trips shake you, arrest you and change you.

Our trips are a faith-based opportunities for students to pray, reflect, and learn from the people we serve.

These trips are great ways to increase our social awareness, deepen our faith, and have a lot of fun!

Each participant will meet with their Mission Trip group.

Important dates:
January 25-27th

Formation Meetings
February 3, 17, March 3 - 6:30 to 8:30 pm 

Blessing of participants
March 10th at the 5:30 pm Mass.

It is important that you are able to commit to this aspect of the experience.

Accommodation will be made for those who are on co-op out of town or state. Those in state and those in classes are required to make meetings.

Each participant is asked to pay for their trip in full or fund raise.

Open Heart and Mind.
We'd like all students to be open to their experiences on the trips. You might feel a little uncomfortable, but we want you to feel supported. We'd like all our students to participate fully in the week, doing whatever is asked of us, as well as evening prayer and reflection.

There are 6 core values that guide how we participate on our Spring Break Mission Trips.
1. Mission - We go because we are sent. Part of our baptismal call is to be Christ for others.
2. Prayer - We cannot hope to do this work without Christ as the center. During the week you will pray. A lot. It is only through prayer that we will overcome whatever hang ups we have that hinder us from authentic relationships.
3. Community - We go as a group, not as individuals. We strive to create a trusted community, both among our group and the places in which we serve.
4. Simplicity - We take only those things we need. We live during the week as simply as we can. We do not want anything to distract us from creating relationships with each other and the people whom we serve with and under.
5. Social Justice - While during the week much of what we do will be short term service, we want you to begin to ask the deeper questions of why. Using Catholic Social Teaching and social analysis as tools to discover these answers, we wish to go beyond merely performing acts of charity to transforming our world into the beloved Kindom of God.
6. Conversion - We want you to be different when you come back. We need you to look at the world different. It is through this conversion that we can begin to do the hard work of justice.

St. Louis, Missouri
This trip addresses racism and white supremacy and our call as Catholics to dismantle such systems. You'll work at a middle school, attend workshops and serve at a Catholic Worker House by cooking dinner for the residents. You'll learn about the effects of racism on communities of color and how those communities work towards liberation.

Spencer, West Virginia
At the Appalachian Catholic Worker, you'll have opportunities to swing hammers and get your hands dirty. But you'll also learn about Appalachian culture and the issues that effect both the land and the people. You'll learn the devastating effects of Mountaintop Removal and the struggle of miners in the early 20th century.


Pope Benedict wrote that "a Eucharist which does not pass over into the concrete practice of love is intrinsically fragmented. (Deus Caritas Est, #14)."

We are called to care for the poor and marginalized. 

This is no extra credit, but, as the US Bishops have said, "a constitutive dimension of preaching the Gospel, and an essential part of the Church's mission" (U.S. bishops, Communities of Salt and Light)."

Service is at the heart of the Gospel.  We try to offer service that is not merely a feel-good experience, but one that is rooted in our response to God's love and mercy.  We want and expect to be challenged by offering ourselves to others.

The centerpiece of our life of service is our Spring Break Mission Trips.  These offer a week long immersion of praying, working, and living alongside communities.  We hope to blur the line between server and served, so that each is nourished in the encounter.